How will the next season of “bridge”
Man behind “bridge” laws that season two will answer many of the questions we were left with after the dramatic conclusion of the first season. Here we reveal what the sequel season is all about.

It is an acidic November day in Malmo . has an agreement with comics Hans Rosenfeldt on the set of ” Bridge 2”. Rosenfeldt has had huge success with crime series is now in place following the making of the sequel season.

- I am enough of a control freak, but try not to confuse me so much of what happens on the set . It’s really a bit outside my domain after I have given from me the script, he explains .

The first season ended dramatically when Martin Rohde lost his son. Now comes the explanation of how it has gone with the Danish detective and his Swedish colleague , Saga Noren .

Martin lives alone , Saga has received girlfriend
We meet on the tall Swede on the boat Tintin , which normally is a cafe in Malmö. For the occasion is moved to the quay where filming takes place , where the boat acts as a welcome abode that provides shelter for the acidic north wind raging on the set .

Rosenfeldt falls with ears of corn in the rain when he maneuvered the long body into the boat. But he shoots quickly out again when he starts talking about the sequel season of the hit series .

- The action starts one year after the conclusion of the first season . Martin still grieves over the loss of his son and is in an emotional quagmire he comes by . The wife has left him and he lives alone. Saga has in turn had a boyfriend for the first time , and this naturally offers plenty of new challenges for her.

The stage is set for more involuntarily funny scenes when the analytical and cool Saga will try to meet the challenges of a relationship. And it suggests that Martin , who has enough a broken marriage behind him , maybe not the best to ask for advice.

Usually in September 2013
” Bridge 2 ” started shooting in mid-October and there will be a reunion of the popular characters in September 2013. Last season had Martin Rohde and Saga Norén , played by Kim Bodnia Danish and Swedish Sofia Helin , find a killer who apparently wanted to focus on social welfare issues. This year there is another relevant social issue addressed in ’ Bridge ‘.

- Investigators put to the test by some environmental activists who go hard for the plant’s environmental cause . This time does not start the series on the bridge, but under which a coastguard vessel appears from nowhere . Martin and Saga are called in to investigate and rolls up a cause that is larger than it first seems , explains Rosenfeldt .

They know who the killer is
Script authors write the script while recording is in progress, and can change the action along the way. This allows the actors know very little of what is happening and what direction the action takes . Thus , only a selected few in the absolute inner circle knows who the killer is .

- All in all it is maybe ten pieces that do this. Apart from me and Camilla ‘s producers, TV channels , screenwriters and Kim and Sofia the only ones who have got to know who the murderer .

- Our people are very good at keeping it a secret , but I really think that not so many viewers are interested in knowing it either. Most people would probably not spoil it , but while it may be that there are more people who will try to find spoilers this year than last year, when the series was completely fresh , think Rosenfeldt .

easily recognizable
The wind tugging at båtveggen while series creator talks . The weather seems almost ordered the production team to provide the cool , dark atmosphere that has made ​​the series popular worldwide .

Rosenfeldt said that they have retained the success formula from the first season , and promises a return to Saga Noréns tight leather pants , a little involuntary situation comedy , a villain with big plans and a killer hunting that goes over ten paragraphs. In addition, a new research group introduced and Rosenfeldt guarantees that Martin and Saga will be easily recognizable to fans .

- A big part of the show’s success is that we managed to make the audience interested in who Saga and Martin were as people. To me that comics this is what is most interesting, and this is where we catch the TV viewers’ attention. Crime Story is more like a kind of backdrop , the people really care about is the way Martin and Saga have it.

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